Friday, December 26, 2008

Public Sculptures

Space Filler Strips (SFS)
An idea which I had worked on during 1979-80 in Baroda, my refuge for few years.I hit upon the idea of SFS while working on the polyhedric space packing, both regular and semiregular.The core of this project is SFS which is short for space filler strip, a coinage I use to mention about the unit which is indeed dynamic in its space packing properties, used on a modular basis it can combine with each other to form octahedral,truncated octahedral,cuboctahedral and tetrahedral space manifestations.It is almost like the genitic code for three-dimensional space packing ! It was a mathematical discovery for me! Probably this had been a catalyst for my further studies in geometry and subsequent inventions.More about it later..
Do you think my sculptures are pure mathematical exercises devoid of artistic expression..?! But for me geometry was the ultimate answer and I had never differenciated between art and science.

Below is a sculpture finished in 1986, nearly 5 feet in height and done in native rose wood, composed of 896 x 6 =5376 units.It balances on a narrow triangular face .In 1982 when I had my first oneman show one techsavvy visitor asked me whether I use which my reply was..."no I do MAD..!"

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