Friday, December 26, 2008

Public Sculptures

Space Filler Strips (SFS)
An idea which I had worked on during 1979-80 in Baroda, my refuge for few years.I hit upon the idea of SFS while working on the polyhedric space packing, both regular and semiregular.The core of this project is SFS which is short for space filler strip, a coinage I use to mention about the unit which is indeed dynamic in its space packing properties, used on a modular basis it can combine with each other to form octahedral,truncated octahedral,cuboctahedral and tetrahedral space manifestations.It is almost like the genitic code for three-dimensional space packing ! It was a mathematical discovery for me! Probably this had been a catalyst for my further studies in geometry and subsequent inventions.More about it later..
Do you think my sculptures are pure mathematical exercises devoid of artistic expression..?! But for me geometry was the ultimate answer and I had never differenciated between art and science.

Below is a sculpture finished in 1986, nearly 5 feet in height and done in native rose wood, composed of 896 x 6 =5376 units.It balances on a narrow triangular face .In 1982 when I had my first oneman show one techsavvy visitor asked me whether I use which my reply was..."no I do MAD..!"

Monday, December 8, 2008

Millennium Monument

  • A habitable sculpture, self sustaining, whose energy needs will be met by the solar energy capturing skin of the monument.
  • A monument whose modular units are hyper dimensional (four dimensional cubes) structures, whose study the sculptor has undertaken prior to the proposal of this project.The whole monument can be viewed as a projection (shadow) of four spacial dimensions.
  • Is designed to inspire, educate, and entertain humanity.
  • To create a unique monument that will celebrate and inspire an optimistic view of the 21 st century
  • To demonstrate and symbolize the potential of creativity and optimism.
  • Will be futuristic but the detailing and other embellishment will be traditional. Arabesque will be used throughout the base and other visible areas to integrate into the overall geometrical structure of the monument.
  • Specimen calligraphy will be engraved (some embossed) from all known languages of the world on the square sides of the sculpture, which will act as its natural texture.
  • Deciphered and undeciphered hieroglyphics from ancient cultures may also find its place on the monument. The idea is to unite the different manifestations of languages and scripts under one monument to glorify mans attempts to communicate, express and preserve his thoughts on the unity of existence.

  • The interlocking modular units, which form the singular monument, will affirm Unity as expressed in diversity.
  • To the eye of the sensitive onlooker the monument will lead his mind from the literal and mundane world towards the underlying reality of creation.
  • Sculpture will be fabricated out of reinforced fiberglass (FRP) which is lightweight, resilient and suitable for the desert climate. The inner reinforcing columns will be steel reinforced concrete cantilevered from a hidden base.
  • Sculpture is designed on a modular basis, will be fabricated and can be assembled on the site thereby saving construction time.
  • Size of the monument: It could be as tall as 250 meters.
  • Landscaping will be done to the immediate surroundings to integrate the monument to the environment.
  • Time Capsule: The foundation of the monument may contain a time capsule documenting the history, culture and other achievements of humanity.

Project envisioned by Shamsudhin Moosa.

Dr. Sheik Sultan bin Mohammed al Qassimi, the ruler of Sharjah , reviewing the proposed project with Shamsudhin Moosa

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